Oct 18, 2008
Nothing like publication day to guilt me into writing a blog piece. So I expect you want to know that Evolutionary Void is proceeding apace, and will be in months ahead of schedule. I’d like to know that too. It certainly proceeds, but I’m not sure ‘apace’ is quite the word I’d choose.

For one thing we have the builders in. Mrs H has decided that after fourteen years hard use, our kitchen is finally beyond salvation. Honestly, just because the hot water tap doesn’t work and the cupboard doors have broken and the microwave has packed up… And of course, a completely new kitchen means my favourite profession has been sighted on the horizon. For long term readers of this blog: yes, the plumbers are back. So I expect I’ll be spending a lot of time in the next few months hiding out in the shed writing. Maybe apace is right after all. I’ll keep you updated on progress, on both fronts.

Not only are we having a new kitchen, we’ve had a new boiler installed –stay with it, I know this sounds like boring domestic trivia, but- it’s a wood pellet burner to replace our old oil fired system. We decided at the start of the year we’d like to try and switch over, attempting to be a little more green and all that. This was way ahead of today’s crazy oil prices, so I guess a Science Fiction writer’s predictive ability isn’t quite the myth I always thought it was. Groovy (yes, I’m gearing up to write Ozzie back in). The boiler has been installed and commissioned, and running for a week, and according to carbon footprint calculators on various sites I should now be sporting a particularly smug halo. The drawbacks, well, it’s expensive, but then we never did it to ‘make our money back’ though the way oil prices keep going up you never know; and the real problem and why you don’t/can’t get them in every house is the sheer volume you need to build the pellet store. It’s taken over an entire outhouse which used to be a stable, so not small then. I just wish it generated electricity, too. We looked into solar cell panels, but the cost is still ludicrous, and my cottage is grade II listed, which means the local conservation officer would have us shot even for asking to put panels on the collyweston slate roof. Ah well, roll on fusion…

Boy’s night at the cinema the other week. We went to see Dark Knight. Three problems. One, it’s a very long film, our only argument in the bar afterwards was how much it should be cut by, 30 or 45 minutes. Two, there is no way that should be a classified a twelve, it’s much to dark. And three, well three is a personal thing. Every time Christian Bale puts on his batcostume he speaks in a gruff manly bark of a voice. It took me a while, but… there’s an old Eddie Izzard sketch where he does Darth Vader queuing in the Death Star canteen for lunch. Yep, that’s the voice.

On the publicity push for Temporal Void, I’ve been interviewed by the Guardian newspaper. Very nice it was too, a great piece from someone who wasn’t familiar with the genre but was prepared to come at it with an open mind. I was also photographed for the article, and the less said about that image the better. Sadly, I’m only doing one book shop signing for Temporal in the UK. That’s in my local shop Buy The Book in Oakham High Street. It’s Saturday 4th October at 10am. If you’re around, do come in and say hello, and bring all your books for signing. Apparently, the publisher is saving the big tour for the final part of the trilogy. We shall see. However, I have signed a lot (really, a lot) of copies of the standard hardback for bookshops that want a signed copy, so it is possible to get one through Macmillan.

And finally, Junius Stone, if you’re reading this, I am getting your emails about the radio interview, but your address keeps bouncing all of my emails back. So send a phone number or snail mail address, or maybe just turn down the spam filter.

Peter F Hamilton
October 2008

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