Mar 1, 2008
Okay, world's quickest written blog coming up.

I'm on the second to last chapter of Temporal Void, and still not sure if I'm going to make it before I have to pack up my word processor and head for the USA. I should have been finished by now, but life happens, as they say. Boring writerly bit alert. Had a bad structure week at the start of March, when I was half way through a chapter and realized I was writing one sub-plot too many, so I had to dump five days work. Not good. But it does answer all those who wanted to know if Morton was coming back in this trilogy. Not any more he ain't. Aside from that, it's going more or less to plan. The story is heavily slanted towards Edeard this time, and you get to find out what makes the Void so appealing to Living Dream, and so dangerous to the rest of the galaxy.

On the home front, got woken up by the earthquake. Scared the life out of me and Mrs H, but the kids slept through blissfully. Went camping the weekend before the storm hit the UK. Despite having every possible modern camping gadget you can buy, including a battery powered inflatable mattress to sleep on, I really don't recommend sharing a tent with two small children in March temperatures. Have managed to keep jogging every weekday (except storms and earthquake days) but those last few pounds have remained stubbornly stuck to me. Must buy proper bathroom scales.

The BBC is planning on turning my short story If At First... into a radio play for BBC 7. Er, no, I didn't know there was a BBC7 either, but I've signed the contract, so listen to this space. And (ha!) it was the story Interzone rejected. But the good people from Solaris took in and found a home for it in their anthology, so thanks again George and the gang.

Also on the audio front, the Dreaming Void is now recorded and due out as an audio book from Macmillan. I can't quite believe how many hours it lasts for, but if you're driving to Australia and back it's the perfect length for your journey.

So that's about it, back to Edeard and co. And please if you're anywhere near one of my events in America please drop in and say hello, and bring all your books along to sign.

Hopefully the next entry will be telling the world I've finished writing the book.

Peter F Hamilton


March 2008

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