Dec 20, 2007
Season's greetings to you all. Though perhaps not my electric utility company who chose the week before Christmas to send me a massive bill; nor indeed the UK Vehicle Agency who decided to fine me for not renewing my late father's car tax (complicated story - won't bore you). That aside, the wind up (slippery slope down?) to the day itself has been going well. Most presents bought, food collected, nativity plays attended, etc etc. Lots of people scheduled to descend on us over Christmas and New Year. I also managed to find a present for Mrs H which I think she'll like - and that's no easy thing for a bloke like me. I even found time to watch the latest Blade Runner DVD, the finally final directors cut, re-edit, restored, new bits included, five disk how-gullible-am-I edition. Wonderful. If they ever make a film of any of my stuff, I hope it will be half as good. On which front, as always no news.

So to the writing, which this blog is supposed to be about: ongoing as ever. As a writer you always look forward to getting past the half way stage (which I definitely am) because then it's an easy coast down the hill to the finish line. Not so, the middle third is always difficult. Worse in this case, because the whole book is the middle third of the overall story. So this is like middle third squared. Desk-time is actually starting to expand around me to consume every possible second of my life.

But in the spirit of Christmas, the giveaway to all of you in the forums; no I haven't forgotten the SI.

And despite strange time effects, I really think Temporal Void will be delivered before Easter now - remember the New Year deadline? No, me neither. Actually, it better be. I'm confirmed for the Conjunction convention in Wellington New Zealand at Easter. Looking forward to that, I haven't been to that part of the world since before the kids came along. Hopefully, I'll be doing some events in Auckland as well, and possibly even going over to Sydney, though that's a long shot. Then in April I'll be doing a small tour of the USA ending up at ComicCon New York. Watch this site for event details.

And finally, to the person who left a question on the FAQ asking when the last episode in the Saga of Seven Suns is due out, I have it on good authority that Kevin Anderson will be publishing it in 2008.

There, what other website offers this level of service.

Merry Christmas.

Peter F. Hamilton
December 2007

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