Mar 12, 2007
Microblog - you'll all be too busy reading the extract to bother with this.

1) I now have two working showers.

2) I've just completed the copy editing for the US and UK manuscripts. UK publication is August, but may slip a little, I'll confirm when I know. US is scheduled for spring 2008. (all questions as to why the big time difference please direct to Del Rey in New York)

3) Before starting The Temporal Void (pt2) I'm writing a novella called The Demon Trap, which is one of Paula Myo's earlier cases. You may remember in Judas Unchained a reference to a planet called Merionrth. Well this is the story of what happened there. It'll be published in the Gardner Dozois anthology: Galactic Empires, due out late this year -I think.

4) It was my birthday last week, and Mrs H treated me to a trip to see Spamalot (the Monty Python show) in London's West End. One word review: brilliant.

5) as per just about every request in the guestbook, I'll get back to work now.

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