Mar 10, 2006

Question: When you have the time, what do you like to read? As I've said in the guest book, I'm a lorry driver & have a lot of time when I'm loading. Unfortunatly I've finished judas unchained so I need a new book....suggestions? Also could you explain the meaning of the title Judas Unchained? does it refer to Tarlo? Or Anna? Because the starflyer was just an enemy surely

Answer: Currently reading (in manuscript form) Quantum Gravity by Justina Robson, which should be out later this year. Other SF reads would be Richard Morgan and Dan Simmons; classics I go for Forever War each time, and if it's still in print, Julian May's saga of the Exiles. The Judas of the title refers to the Starflyer agents in general, and Anna in particular.

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