Oct 12, 2011

Question: The first audiobook I observed was The Hitchhikers guide to the Galaxy by the late Douglas Adams which was read to me perfectly by the author. Why is it that you do not read your books into audio format? I feel that stories should be heard/observed as much a read; with understanding of this concept and after observing "The Dreaming Void" read by the great Toby Longworth I feel that observing "The Temporal Void" read by the capable John Lee may not be worth the effort. Considering the odvious quality difference between the two readers with respect to how the Void Trilogy probably should be read, why is it that you did not demand that Toby Longworth complete the audiobook Void Trilogy?

Answer: Thanks for the question. It's a nice idea, but frankly my voice isn't anything great. As to the change in readers, this is sadly down to commerce. Recording such a long book is expensive, and it was cheaper for the US and UK publishers to produce a joint audio book for the rest of the Void trilogy after Toby Longworth read the first one. However, the audiobook of Manhattan in Reverse (due out next week) is read by a number of UK actors.

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