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Sep 16, 2007

This hasn't been the best of times. My father, John, was diagnosed with cancer earlier in the year. That was bad enough, and given his age, he was 80, we knew the prognosis was never favourable. Unfortunately half way through his chemotherapy treatment, about a month ago, he passed away. It was all very sudden, which from one point of view was the right thing. I know he certainly wouldn't have wanted a debilitating illness that dragged on  ... Read more

Jul 5, 2007

Modern technology: can't understand it, no longer allowed to use it for landfill.

I do read blogs from other writers, mainly ones I know. Hey, 1) I'm cheap and it saves on phone calls to find out what they're doing. And 2) anything I do on-line counts as research. OK? So anyway, one link lead to another in that time eating way it always does on the web, and I wound up on something called Writers Store - okay, it should be Writer's  ... Read more

Apr 29, 2007

April, a month here in England during which rain fell for an entire two days this year. When I attended the local book group evening the other week, they'd all just read Mindstar Rising which is set in post-global warming England, and I had a big job trying to convince them that SF "isn't about prediction". ... Read more

Mar 12, 2007

Microblog - you'll all be too busy reading the extract to bother with this.

1) I now have two working showers.

2) I've just completed the copy editing for the US and UK manuscripts. UK publication is August, but may slip a little, I'll confirm when I know. US is scheduled for spring 2008. (all  ... Read more

Jan 20, 2007

Welcome to Rutland Plumbing News, Issue 3. Glad to report that the new shower is up and running. However, for every reaction... the old shower started leaking into the kitchen. One day I will have a house with two fully functional showers. Don't hold your breath. ... Read more

Nov 14, 2006

Bad moment a couple of weeks back. The USB memory chip on my key ring vanished. I back up on this every single night, a legacy of paranoia which comes from growing up with an Amstrad PCW (UK readers of a certain age will remember that piece of hardware with a nostalgic sigh it doesn't quite deserve). I still had The Dreaming Void safe and sound on the computer, but a copy was now loose on the world. Mrs H decided "that'll come up on eBay  ... Read more

Oct 17, 2006

Welcome to what I hope will be a monthly news update which I envisage as a kind of combined blog and report on work in progress. My wife, Kate, upon hearing this resolution immediately pointed out that a blog is for someone who does interesting stuff: you don't. Such is a writer's life, which is misconstrued by 90% of the people I meet as being an exotically romantic existence. Reality is a little more mundane, face it, all a writer actually  ... Read more

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